Did you clean up your property and need the brush removed? Let us help!


  1. Limbs should be neatly stacked with all butt ends in the same direction facing the curb line.
  2. Limbs should not be bundled.
  3. No material will be accepted that is put in bags, boxes, or any other container.
  4. No yard waste leaves (leaves, clippings, roots, stumps or plants) will be accepted.
  5. No lumber will be accepted.
  6. Piles containing foreign objects will not be collected.
  • $100 for a small load, size no larger than 10' long x 4' tall x 6' wide
  • $200 for a large load, size no larger than 20' long x 4' tall x 6' wide


We will pick up logs from your removal job.


  1. We prefer logs cut into 8-12 foot lengths with a minimum diameter of 12 inches
  2. They must be accessible from the side of the road with no overhead wires. 
  3. If logs are less than 8 feet long, the $200 minimum applies


  • $200 per load for most suburban areas.
  • $100 per half load
  • $200 per load that includes logs less than 8 feet long
Turnaround time is typically within 1-2 days.

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