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Terms and Conditions

Performance by Arborworks, LLC

Work crews shall arrive at the job site on the appointed date. Arborworks shall attempt to meet all performance dates, but shall not be liable for delays from inclement weather or other causes beyond our control. Arborworks is insured and covered by property damage, public liability, and operation insurance. Documentation available upon request.



All work will be performed in a professional manner by experienced uniformed personnel, outfitted with the appropriate tools and equipment to complete the job properly. Our company strives to lead this industry in safety and quality. We expect our crews to have the most up-to-date training both in safety and in workmanship. For these reasons we strictly follow ANSI standards, as well as TCIA safety objectives. We are confident that our clients can expect the highest standards in both safety and workmanship. Unless otherwise indicated on page one of the customer agreement, Arborworks will not remove stump shavings from stump grinding.  


Ownership and permits

The customer warrants that all trees, plant material and property upon which work is to be performed are either owned by him/her or that permission for the work has been obtained from the owner. The owner understands it is his/her responsibility to know their city codes and regulations and if necessary obtain a permit for tree removal. Arborworks is to be held harmless from all claims or fines resulting from the customer’s failure to obtain such permission.


Job Acceptance

It is the customer’s responsibility to review details of the job description prior to Arborworks beginning the job. Changes must be agreed upon and added to the job description prior to signing of contract. Changes can be made at a later time, however prices may reflect those changes.


Terms of Payment

All accounts are payable upon job completion. If outside assistance is used to collect the account, the customer is responsible for all costs associated with the collection of monies including, but not limited to, attorney fees and court costs.

Special Note

Special note for stump grinding, digging, and planting services: It is the customer’s responsibility to show Arborworks any underground items, objects, utilities, etc., not marked by JULIE. If these items are not shown, Arborworks will not be held responsible for any damage caused by the type and size of the grinding machine. In Arborworks’ attempt to access a stump for grinding services, landscape trim and / or plants could be potentially damaged.